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At Gracie Barra Townsville you will have the privilege to train under the instruction of  Professor Raony Condini, a very experienced Gracie Barra Black  Belt and student of Marcelo Rezende.

Raony started training in Brazil under the guidance of renowned instructors like Roberto Tozi, Gustavo Falciroli and Renato Nato.  In his 10 year BJJ journey, Raony also focused on improving his stand up game (5 years Judo) and striking abilities (4 years Muay Thai).
In 2014 he decided to move to Australia to learn English and joined the Gracie Barra Team. Raony has been an active instructor at Gracie Barra St Peters for nearly 3 years now and occasionally assist with classes at the Gracie Barra Head Quarters in Sydney.

At Gracie Barra Townsville you will have the opportunity to learn from a Brazilian Instructor who acquired his knowledge from some of the best in the game. His ability to engage and pass his knowledge to his students will impress everyone who walk through our doors.
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